Quantum Technology News – Issue #5

Intel joined the race for quantum computing in a big way, by investing $50 million into a collaboration with Delft University.

A Yale University group published a very readable paper yesterday with a multilayer scheme for quantum circuits and proposes a top to bottom structure, as well as hits on the points of fabrication and error correction to make a scalable and fault-tolerant quantum computer.

Other news includes Google and NASA Ames getting to work on the new D-wave chip, as well as Alibaba teaming up with Chinese universities to open quantum research centers in Shanghai.

Intel Invests US$50 Million to Advance Quantum Computing | Business Wire

Today Intel Corporation announced a 10-year collaborative relationship with the Delft University of Technology and TNO, the Dutch Organisation for App

Multilayer microwave integrated quantum circuits for scalable quantum computing

This multilayer microwave integrated quantum circuit (MMIQC) platform provides a path toward the realization of increasingly complex superconducting devices in pursuit of a scalable quantum computer.

NASA and Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory : Gadgets & Robots : iTech Post

Google and NASA have make advanced in their joint project on quantum computing artificial intelligence, launched in 2013.

Joint quantum-computing venture is a first for China – physicsworld.com

Online retail giant Alibaba and the Chinese Academy of Sciences open lab in Shanghai

Singapore-made device survives rocket explosion, Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times

A Singapore-made device thought to have been destroyed in a rocket explosion last year has been found intact and still operational.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

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