Quantum Technology News – Issue #6

As funding increases for a commercial quantum computing, breakthroughs take place faster and more publicly. The quantum computer is not a myth, but scaling and material challenges are being faced every day.

Australian researchers make quantum computing breakthrough, paving way for world-first chip

The new design will put quantum logic in silicon computer chips, in a major step towards the commercial manufacture of the holy grail in superfast computing. The all Silicon chip means that standard microfabrication facilities can be used to create quantum processor units, which leads towards cheaper and less specialized facilities for qubit manufacturing.

Quantum computing breakthrough renews concerns of cybersecurity apocalypse | Network World

A new breakthrough in quantum computing could speed up the already ultra-powerful tech. With it, though, comes the exacerbated potential for a ‘crypto-apocalypse’ where existing computer security fails. While a full-scale quantum computer is a while away, encryption standards take a long time to create. The time is ripe to start creating and testing new encryption standards in small settings to create libraries and products in the wake of the post-quantum era.

Google and NASA are getting a new quantum computer | The Verge

The famous Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab is getting some powerful new hardware. The next upgrade of the D-wave chip is being installed at NASA Ames, which has partnered with Google and other universities to test algorithms on the D-wave adiabatic quantum processor. While there has been little information released so far, while there is a small speedup, there is no conclusive evidence from third parties that there is a true quantum speedup from the D-wave chip.

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