Read my interview on 96Boards: Women in STEM

Recently I did an interview with 96Boards for their Women in STEM Month of May. They’re featuring 23 women on their blog and will be hosting a weekly live stream with Sili ScientistAlejandra Muñoz – girlcodemxFalkyou, The Engineeress, AnaQueenMaker, and Estefannie Explains it All.

I got really lucky with the support I’ve had on my STEM journey so far, but I also discuss some of the struggles. I talk about my experiences in physics and startups, receiving negative feedback that I “know too much”, shout out my Ladies Storm Hackathon community and how they kept me sane, and advice for women who are in STEM. Thank you to the 96Boards team for letting me be a part of this wonderful initiative!

See my full interview here:

And here are the other interviews so far this month!

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