Launching my YouTube Channel | Qiskit Camp Europe Vlog

Quick Update: I’ve launched a YouTube channel!

I’ve talked about making a YouTube channel long enough. It’s finally happened!

The first video is a vlog documenting my experience at the Qiskit Camp Europe 2019. This is a two day quantum computing hackathon hosted by IBM Quantum. Physicists, computer scientists, and artists came together to work on AMAZING projects with the Qiskit SDK.

As a reminder, I’m usually posting more realtime videos on Instagram stories and IGTV, so you can follow me for those there:

And as always, feel free to reach out via DMs or comments if you have suggestions for topics.

The plan is to a lot of my blog content to YouTube videos. But I also want to talk about working in the quantum computing industry, make more tutorials, talk about startups and productivity, and talk about all the cool quantum tech out there.

However, my main goal is making this content helpful for those reading or watching it. So please let me know if there’s something you want to see!

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