I’m Anastasia Marchenkova

I’ve been a quantum researcher at the Georgia Tech quantum optics and quantum telecommunications lab, the University of Maryland Joint Quantum Institute, founder of CourseShark, alumni of the Flashpoint startup incubator, and working on scalable, fault-tolerant superconducting qubit quantum processors.

Currently working on Bleximo.

I also worked on creating technical courses in Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Quantum Computing, and more, and consult on technical curriculum design and coding pedagogically sound assessments.

I’m always learning new technologies and hacking away at some new project, or, of course, playing with my puppy, Quark.

My Quarky, or the Notorious D.O.Gee. Yes, he knows the commands Up Quark and Down Quark.

Need to get in touch?

E-mail me at hello@amarchenkova.com or use the contact form below!