Launching my YouTube Channel | Qiskit Camp Europe Vlog

Quick Update: I've launched a YouTube channel! I've talked about making a YouTube channel long enough. It's finally happened! The first video is a vlog documenting my experience at the Qiskit Camp Europe 2019. This is a two day quantum computing hackathon hosted by IBM Quantum. Physicists, computer scientists, and artists came together to work on AMAZING projects with the Qiskit SDK. As a reminder, I'm usually posting more realtime videos on Instagram ...

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programming for quantum computing

Programming for Quantum Computing: What language should you learn?

Quantum computing sometimes seems very intimidating to get involved in. Physicists do tend to code in a lot of programming languages - like Matlab, Fortran, C++ - and getting access to a real quantum computer has historically been difficult. However, cloud quantum computing systems have opened up opportunities for anyone to start working with quantum computers. So, if you want to learn coding and eventually get involved in programming for ...

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When can a quantum computer destroy bitcoin?

How can quantum computers affect bitcoin? Of course, the elliptic curve crytography has been under scrutiny since the quantum computing hype began. Bitcoin was built to replace third party trust with cryptographic proof. But it's not just bitcoin. Two of the most common cryptosystems are Rivest–Shamir–Adleman (RSA) and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). When you are online, any information that you exchange will be encrypted, usually with RSA or ECC. Both of ...

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natural leadership and connection

Natural Leadership

I've been thinking about natural leadership lately. Typically, when people think of leadership, they think of a direct manager. This person evaluates your performance reviews, and can assign you tasks. Natural leadership doesn't require any title or powers beyond being a person who wants to better their team. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen by those wanting to move into leadership is trying to manage like a true 'boss'. First, ...

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Advanced Deep Learning Courses

If you've completed the Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera, you may be wondering what's next. How can you continue expanding your skills and dive deeper into the field? While I felt like I knew the basics of deep learning from the Coursera Specialization, I definitely encountered knowledge gaps as I tried to build my own projects, like my Yoga Pose classifier. I started looking for advanced deep learning courses to fill ...

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D-Wave Quantum Coding Challenge 2000Q System in Lab

Join the D-Wave Leap Quantum Coding Challenge: Problem 1

Back in October 2018, D-Wave launched a cloud service to provide everyone access to their 2000+ qubit quantum computer. Now, they are releasing the D-Wave Leap quantum coding challenge to encourage people to use their cloud service and teach. Though no math or physics degree is required, there are some terms and concepts that would be helpful for you to complete the challenge and fully understand why these are interesting problems to ...

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Quantum Computing Weekly – New Interview!

This week, I'm featured in Quantum Computing Weekly! Jesper Thomschutz's newsletter shares the latest news on quantum computing. Now it has a new section, profiling researchers and practitioners in the quantum space. I'm excited to share a little more of my story! I talked about what I find most exciting about the potential benefits quantum computers could bring to the world, and how I got into the field originally. Check out Issue #6 of Quantum ...

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Data Set for the Convolutional Neural Network Yoga Pose Classifier

Thanks so much for the response on my blog post - Convolutional Neural Network for Classifying Yoga Poses. I've enjoyed hearing about your ideas take the project further. A lot of you reached out to ask me about my data set and if I could post it. Here it is! This post contains the data set for the convolutional neural network yoga post classifier. Thanks for sharing what you've learned from my ...

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Bleximo raises $1.5mm for quantum computing

News from Bleximo! Today, we're happy to announce the close of Bleximo's $1.5mm seed round, led by Eniac Ventures, with participation from Boost VC, Creative Ventures, KEC Ventures, and Gyan Kapur. Bleximo combines classical computers and Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) application-specific quantum accelerators to solve problems that are difficult to solve, even with a supercomputer. The initial focus is to speed up simulations of new materials and molecules for drug development. The ...

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