best quantum computing courses online

Best Quantum Computing Courses Online

Do you want to learn quantum computing? With the rise of cloud quantum computing systems, it means that you can connect to a real quantum chip from wherever you are in the world. But, how do you learn about quantum computing without going back to college and getting a PhD. There’s many excellent online courses to help get you started with the fundamentals of quantum computing. Here's the list, and I'll ...

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Quantum Cryptography vs Post-Quantum Cryptography

With interest growing in developing universal quantum computers, examining post quantum algorithms and quantum cryptography that can replace modern cryptosystems is of vital importance to the security of our data in a world where a large scale, fault tolerant quantum computer exists. Shor’s algorithm is the killer algorithm for cryptography. But having a quantum computer large enough to run this algorithm is still many years away. While some scientists argue that ...

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Best Resources to Learn Golang (Go)

While the science community has a lot of love for Python, I've also become a fan of Golang (Go). Golang is described as a mix of Python, C++, and Java for the modern age. It has a small amount of keywords, it's easy to use, and it has fast compilation. These are the resources I used to learn Golang: Learn Golang at Tour of Go Where else should you go to learn ...

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Best quantum computing books for software engineers

Best Quantum Computing Books for Everyone

Quantum computing has officially hit peak hype. Huge companies like Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Ali Baba are investing in quantum computing hardware and software. So you might have a new years resolution to learn more about quantum computers and physics, or you're looking for a gift for the techie in your life. These are the best quantum computing books for everyone to read. Below are my recommendations for physics ...

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Quantum Teleportation with Q# Advent Calendar

Quantum teleportation with Q# | Microsoft Q# Advent Calendar Dec 25th

I’m very happy to present this article as part of the Q# Advent calendar! Every day, one community member wrote a blog post about or using Q#, the quantum development SDK by Microsoft. Check out the rest of the blog posts at the advent calendar link. And thank you to Microsoft Quantum and team for letting me participate with my post on Quantum teleportation with Q#!  Quantum teleportation is a fundamental ...

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Qiskit Camp Asia 2019 winners

Qiskit Camp Asia 2019 | We Won! | Hackathon Tips

From November 18-20th, 2019, 170 physicists, computer scientists, and quantum computing enthusiasts gathered in Hoshino Resort Yatsugatake in Japan for Qiskit Camp Asia 2019. After 24 hours of coding, writing, and great food, we designed and implemented a pulse programming language for Qiskit! And we won! It was an amazing experience! This is my second Qiskit Camp and every time it just gets bigger, better, more fun, and more impactful. Qiskit Camp Asia Every ...

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Launching my YouTube Channel | Qiskit Camp Europe Vlog

Quick Update: I've launched a YouTube channel! I've talked about making a YouTube channel long enough. It's finally happened! The first video is a vlog documenting my experience at the Qiskit Camp Europe 2019. This is a two day quantum computing hackathon hosted by IBM Quantum. Physicists, computer scientists, and artists came together to work on AMAZING projects with the Qiskit SDK. As a reminder, I'm usually posting more realtime videos on Instagram ...

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programming for quantum computing

Programming for Quantum Computing: What language should you learn?

Quantum computing sometimes seems very intimidating to get involved in. Physicists do tend to code in a lot of programming languages - like Matlab, Fortran, C++ - and getting access to a real quantum computer has historically been difficult. However, cloud quantum computing systems have opened up opportunities for anyone to start working with quantum computers. So, if you want to learn coding and eventually get involved in programming for ...

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When can a quantum computer destroy bitcoin?

How can quantum computers affect bitcoin? Of course, the elliptic curve crytography has been under scrutiny since the quantum computing hype began. Bitcoin was built to replace third party trust with cryptographic proof. But it's not just bitcoin. Two of the most common cryptosystems are Rivest–Shamir–Adleman (RSA) and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). When you are online, any information that you exchange will be encrypted, usually with RSA or ECC. Both of ...

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natural leadership and connection

Natural Leadership

I've been thinking about natural leadership lately. Typically, when people think of leadership, they think of a direct manager. This person evaluates your performance reviews, and can assign you tasks. Natural leadership doesn't require any title or powers beyond being a person who wants to better their team. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen by those wanting to move into leadership is trying to manage like a true 'boss'. First, ...

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