Speaking and Awards


Algorithm Conference 2021 – Invited Speaker

RSA Conference 2021


Grace Hopper Conference 2020 Panelist “What You Need to Know About Quantum Computing for Scientists, Engineers, and Developers”

Quantum Information Science and Engineering Network (QISE-NET) Panel: “Transitioning to Industry” – June 2020

Quantum Computing Now Podcast – May 2020

Physics After Hours Podcast – March 2020


Qiskit Camp Asia – 1st Place Winner for Designing a Pulse Programming Language – November 2019

Qiskit Camp Europe – 2nd Place Winner for Speed Up Qiskit – Performance Optimizations – September 2019


Grace Hopper 2020 Was Such a Hit That We’re Redoing Our Quantum Computing Workshop by IBM/Qiskit

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Will quantum computers be a Kryptonite for Bitcoin

Will Quantum Computers Really Destroy Bitcoin? A Look at the Future of Crypto, According to Quantum Physicist Anastasia Marchenkova

Is quantum computing ready for your business?


CourseShark Spins Students’ Course Hay into Job Gold, March 2013, Southern Alpha