natural leadership and connection

Natural Leadership

I've been thinking about natural leadership lately. Typically, when people think of leadership, they think of a direct manager. This person evaluates your performance reviews, and can assign you tasks. Natural leadership doesn't require any title or powers beyond being a person who wants to better their team. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen by those wanting to move into leadership is trying to manage like a true 'boss'. First, ...

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Mistakes Founders Make When Pitching a Science Startup

You’re building a science startup! You've probably spent a lot of time in the lab, writing papers on the initial results, and building simulations or prototypes. Now you're going to start a company and commercialize your work. Time to raise seed funding? Scientists are used to giving talks to other scientists. However, pitching to startup incubators and investors is a very different experience than giving talks to their peers and colleagues. ...

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YCombinator Female Founders Conference 2017

The best part of the YCombinator Female Founders Conference this year was how actionable the advice was. I really appreciated Aileen Lee's no-nonsense attitude, where she outlined exactly what points women will be grilled at in venture capital meetings. The overaching message of the conference was: There’s no perfect time to start something, just start Here are my raw notes from the 2017 YCombinator Female Founders Conference YCombinator - Jessica Livingston “Jessica Livingston’s Pretty Complete List ...

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