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Special consideration is needed for blockchain technology to stay secure against quantum computing attacks.

Recognizing the gravity of the quantum challenge, NIST initiated a process to standardize post-quantum cryptographic algorithms.

When will these quantum computers be good enough to actually solve a real-life problem?

If quantum computers large enough to break modern encryption aren’t here yet, why does quantum security matter?

Today's cryptography and post-quantum cryptography is very different, the research to secure against the quantum computers is ongoing.

Explore the double-edged world of quantum computing: a marvel in science but a looming threat to digital security. Act now or pay later.

A mentor told me "You have the IQ. If you get the EQ, you’re going to be unstoppable.”

Quantum teleportation is a fundamental concept in quantum computing - here's how to do it from your own laptop!

Can quantum computing destroy bitcoin? Cryptocurrencies coming out that are saying they are quantum safe, quantum resistant. Is this legit?

Even though there are a limited number of quantum algorithms, the ones that do exist can have a large impact on important problems!

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Certain problems can be solved quadratically or polynomially faster with quantum algorithms

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Quantum computers are going to render a lot of current encryption techniques obsolete.

The task is to figure out how to look at problems in a way that would fit them into quantum algorithms for speedup.