News from Bleximo! Today, we're happy to announce the close of Bleximo's $1.5mm seed round, led by Eniac Ventures, with participation from Boost VC, Creative Ventures, KEC Ventures, and Gyan Kapur.


Bleximo combines classical computers and Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) application-specific quantum accelerators to solve problems that are difficult to solve, even with a supercomputer. The initial focus is to speed up simulations of new materials and molecules for drug development. The technology can also be used for many optimization and machine learning problems. These are applicable in different industries, including energy, finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, and security.

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And on the company website.

Bleximo is pleased to announce a new partnership with Q-CTRL, world leaders in quantum control. This relationship will provide access to customized quantum control solutions which reduce hardware error without the need to build a dedicated in-house team.

We view this as an exciting way for Bleximo to accelerate our development timelines and focus on bringing quantum accelerators to reality.

Also, we're hiring!