Quantum computing has officially hit peak hype. Huge companies like Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Ali Baba are investing in quantum computing hardware and software. So you might have a new years resolution to learn more about quantum computers and physics, or you're looking for a gift for the techie in your life. These are the best quantum computing books for everyone to read. Below are my recommendations for physics students, software engineers, and for those just looking for a fun read.Also, check out my YouTube video where I talk about some of these books!

Best Quantum Computing Books for Software Engineers

Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach

I absolutely love this book and in my view, this should be the first book someone with a technical, but non-physics background, should pick up. It's easy to read and covers the basics of  everything you need to know to start getting involved in the quantum computing fields - including the mathematical background, the hardware, and the software. Start here.

Programming Quantum Computers

This book is great for deep dives into code and algorithms. Used in parallel with the book above, it explains concepts in slightly different ways and covers a lot of the programming angle, as well as peculiarities of certain quantum computing frameworks and the consequences.

Best Quantum Computing Books for Aspiring Physicists

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Griffith's is the canonical undergraduate textbook for physics students in late second year or early third year. Usually, calculus 1, calculus 2, and linear algebra are the pre-requisites for quantum mechanics.

Principles of Quantum Mechanics

Ready for the next level? Shankar's textbook, Principles of Quantum Mechanics, is used in a lot of graduate level classes.

Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

Quantum Computation and Quantum Informationby Isaac Chuang and Michael Nielsen is the standard quantum computing textbook. You do need background knowledge and mathematics before diving into this book. Michael Nielsen also has an online book called Quantum Computing for the Very Curious which introduces quantum computing in a way that you will actually remember it.

Other Fun Books

Quantum Computing for Babies

This is my go-to gift for baby showers. It's SUCH a hit. If you want to get a full set, there's also Quantum Physics for Babies and Quantum Entanglement for Babies. And if you want to diversify, there are other topics like Rocket Science for Babies, Neural Networks for Babies, and Blockchain for Babies.

Schrodinger's Killer App

This book is a look at Shor's algorithm, the "killer app" for governments to be able to break public key encryption, which a large chunk of the internet relies on to keep your data secure.

Quantum Mechanics – the Theoretical Minimum

Clear explanations of quantum mechanics with the math interspersed, building deeper understanding and intuition.

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