What I'm Working on Now

Projects, Dreams, and Experiments
Warning: may not be fully formed ideas or ever come to fruition  

July 26, 2023

Working On:

  • New podcast partnership will launch soon. Prepping for an episode on NIST post-quantum cryptography standardization.
  • Closed beta for Extraversion for Introverts, worked on filming an expansion in Module 1 and some bonus "Troubleshooting Work Interactions" content. Planning on doing it cohort based, with a start date in early September.
  • New Brand Strategy for my own content. Get ready for Anastasia 2.0! (This is part of it)

Thinking About:

  • The First Room-Temperature Ambient-Pressure Superconductor paper. I'm a bit skeptical, but would be cool. No peer review yet, and some journals back in the day (Science, Nature) did not want pre-prints on arxiv, so questioning why it wasn't submitted there. It's not unheard of for breakthroughs to be accidental or from younger innovators, or outside the industry, but it is rare. C-60 fullerenes, or buckyballs, were discovered because they went to lunch and forgot to turn off their equipment, and saw a weird spike at C-60 (source: talk Sir Harold Walter Kroto gave at Georgia Tech when I was an undergrad.) The good news is that replication will be quick, so we don't have to pick a side, we can wait and see. But impacts on superconducting quantum computing technology will be limited likely, due to RF requiring cooling anyway.
  • The founder of TranscribeGlass, who I met at Clear Ventures event, went viral with 17M views after we had a 30 minute call to discuss marketing strategies. He implemented and WON BIG. I've now been able to replicate success with my own content with someone else. Now how to scale that knowledge? Need to finish up a guide on how founders can best leverage social media for getting traction and funding for their companies and add to my media website.
  • Do I trust WorldCoin?
  • I have not seen Barbie OR Oppenheimer yet. It's been sold out everywhere.

Currently Reading: The Greatness Mindset by Lewis Howes

July 17, 2023

Big Leaps:

Currently Reading: How Not To Die by Gene Stone and Michael Greger

  • Definitely biased on the plant-based/vegan side - conveniently leaves out B-12 deficiency in vegans and salmonella from plants. However, really good pro tips. Buying some turmeric, brazil nuts, and hibiscus tea ASAP!